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Customer Notice
Closing of the Pola Cinema

It is with a heavy heart that i have to announce the closure of the Pola Cinema, Thursday 13 June 2013. It is not a decision that was taken lightly, but due to the onset of Digital Technologies, and the spiralling costs and pressures to make the upgrade, we have felt that the large investment we would be required to make, and with the Economic Climate showing no signs of immediate recovery, that it would be the wrong time to make this kind of investment.

The Pola Cinema, unlike many of the bigger cinema names in the United Kingdom, still runs and shows film via the traditional 35mm format. Since 2002, most of the Cinemas in the UK have been making the upgrade to digital projection methods, which have removed the need for the 35mm format. This evolution in cinema threatens small cinemas like the Pola all over the country as many of them cannot justify or make the large investment to secure digital technologies, here at the Pola, failure to upgrade has left us left without sources of on-screen advertising income and limited availability to the biggest films in cinema.

The decision to close has not been easy. Locally most people will connect the Pola Cinema with the name Thacker, the cinema has been a part of our daily family life for over 50 years. I and my staff worked tirelessly to keep the Cinema, in its current form, going for over 20 years since we re-opened in 1992, but time has caught up with the Cinema and there is nothing more that can be done do to keep the cinema open.

We would like to thank all of our customers and everyone in the Welshpool and surrounding areas for all the support you have shown us since we re-opened in1992, you support to this small family run, independent cinema has kept us going for over two decades from myself, my family and all the staff of the Pola Cinema, past and present, we thank you.

Our final show will be Thursday 13 June, and we will be showing “Fast and Furious 6” @ 7:15 and “The Big Wedding” @ 7:30, so we would like to encourage you to all to make on last visit to the Cinema in our final week. It is not all bad news, we will continue to run and operate the Regent Cinema, Newtown and are in at the stage of securing Digital Projection that will ensure the future of the Regent Cinema and keep the cinema going for many years to come.

Once again thank you very much for all your support.

Richard Thacker

Manager - Pola Cinema, Welshpool